The Journey

If I were to be completely honest, this isn’t where I thought I would end up. After high school (shout out to my Miami Valley School fam!) I spent my obligatory BA years just down the road at Miami University, on track to spend my working life in a very different way, probably with a fancy white lab coat on somewhere. After all, those lab coats really set off my eyes.

Somewhere along the way though, I realized that I wanted something different, and I kind of fell into real estate.  A career path where I didn’t have a bigger, fancier lab coat always watching over me, and where I could put my talents to use in a very different way. It’s really been the career blessing that I never saw coming.

Through this journey I’ve really rediscovered my genuine love for this city, the people, and my total passion for this industry! Helping people transition from one chapter of their lives to the next has been incredibly rewarding, and tackling the different challenges that each transaction presents has been a perfect fit for my skill set.

Over the years we’ve carefully added new faces to the team, making sure our vision and values aligned, which enabled us to take our client-focused approach to the next level. We constantly strive to not only give our clients the best possible experience while buying or selling, but more importantly to become a resource throughout their home ownership. We look forward to connecting and sharing more of our story with you!

Meet the Team

Jeff Probst

Somewhere along the line, a budding entrepreneurial spirit sparked into a full blown passion for finding career success on my own terms, which eventually lead me to real estate. A constant desire (some might say obsession) to learn, understand, and peel back the evolving layers in this complex world of real estate has led me to develop a very holistic approach to working with the public, where not just selling property, but educating clients at every opportunity has become a cornerstone of our business practice. We hope to have the opportunity to show you everything that we’ve learned through the years.

Cheryl Probst

Cheryl joined the team back in 2008, by way of a wedding, and got her real estate license a year later in 2009. Aside from sharing in my passion for small business, she’s always been great at most of the things that I’m not, and after a decade and a handful of kids later, she’s still the one that holds everything together. Now, she heads up a lot of the fun stuff we get to share with our clients, from public events to our “concierge” service (ask our clients!) and community volunteering. If we ever have the pleasure of working with you at some point, you’ll get to see and hear plenty from her, and most likely walk away with a new bestie in the process.

Christi LaPole

Christi is the engine behind a lot of our growth and has been an invaluable add since coming on board. She’s who keeps the train on the track, running smoothly, and moving forward every day, and we’d definitely be in rough shape without her. From planning, to scheduling, to coordinating, to anything else that needs done to ensure you have the best, most complete experience possible, she’s the one we count on to make it happen.

Reade Faulkner

Reade is a true renaissance man that we are lucky to have on our team. His interesting and diverse background makes him a valuable resource to our clients as he works to meet their goals and get them in the house of their dreams.

Maddison Blackwell

Maddison has worn several hats for JPG, but her keen eye for design made her the perfect choice to head up our pre-listing staging process. She is also the drive behind our social media presence.

Mary Hollst

Mary's background as a paralegal made for the perfect transition into our team's transaction coordinator. From pre-listing paperwork, to accepted contract and finally to the closing table, she is the paperwork ninja that makes sure everything and everyone is in place throughout the transaction.

Tabitha Guidone

Tabitha joined the real estate world as she stepped away from the day to day operations of her successful art studio. Her passion and creativity shine while working with her clients and going the extra mile to find them the right home.