JPG Top 5’s – Pizza

As you may or may not know, we the folks here at JPG don’t typically tend to run short of opinions on things. Whether it’s food, movies, music, business, or how many spaces there should be after a period (it’s two, obviously, but I’ve been out voted), if there’s a subject, we’ll find a way to debate it. Apparently we should have been attorneys.

Nevertheless, one of the few things that tops our penchant for debate is our love for our LOCAL businesses and some of the hidden gems that the Gem City has to offer. In that vein, we thought that it might be a good “two birds, one stone” kind of deal for us to pick a category every few months and put together our TOP FIVE Dayton hotspots that fit the topic (after a healthy debate, of course). Gives us a chance to pump up the local Dayton scene even more, and maybe give you some new things to try along the way. So, without further ado, here we go with the first edition of our newest feature, for our favorite people…

PIZZA – We love it. You love it. Nuff said.

  1. Old Scratch

This one was a pretty easy choice for us, and one that we actually all agreed on. Probably because good Neapolitan Pizza is as close to culinary perfection as it gets (in our opinion…but seriously, it’s also a fact), and this is the best Neopolitan in Dayton. The toppings are creative but still make sense, the dough is the perfect blend of both crispy and chewy, the beers cold, and the lines are usually long.  If you haven’t been, check out the original downtown by MV Hospital, or hold out for the new location coming soon to Centerville!

  1. Wheat Penny

If there’s one thing that’s true about hipsters, it’s that they typically have high culinary standards. That holds true in this case too, on both accounts. The food is amazing and runs a wide gambit of styles and tastes, the cocktails are unique and well crafted, but the pizza is pretty much the runaway star in our book. Oh man the pizza. They’re all good, but Tarte Flambe and Tomasso FTW.

  1. Dewey’s

Okay, so yeah, this isn’t local, it’s a chain.  It IS however just utterly delicious and worth the trip. If you’ve somehow never been before, or if you’re just otherwise indecisive, I’ve got two words for you.  Porky. Fig.

  1. South Park Tavern

One of our favorite local spots, they’ve got a great mix of everything with great atmosphere, a killer beer selection, local music, good food, and a unique selection of outside the box pizzas. Not in the mood for open face? They can also turn any of the pizzas into calzones! Definitely worth the trip if you haven’t been, and as a bonus, it’s right down the street from Tank’s, so you can make a pit stop on the way home for french onion dip and an omelet the size of a Volkswagen.

  1. Marion’s

EASILY the most polarizing entry on the list, the extreme reactions/opinions that people have to Marion’s is something that has undoubtedly torn families apart at the seams. Real Hatfield/McCoy stuff here. Love it or hate it though, Marion’s is a Dayton tradition that just can’t be ignored. It may not be traditional “pizza” to some, but you have to try it at least once. Sometimes being unconventional can be a good thing.

Just missed the cut (but you should still try, because pizza is delicious): Beavercreek Pizza Dive, Troni’s, and Milano’s.