Bill’s Donut Shop

This month’s #LocalBusinessSpotlight has been a #DaytonStaple since 1960 👀. 
🍩🎉 If you’ve got a soft spot for delicious treats that put a smile on your face, then you already know about Dayton’s beloved treasure – Bill’s Donut Shop ! 🌟 And hey, with school back in session, who wouldn’t appreciate a little extra help in the breakfast department, or even an afternoon snack? 😉
Since 1960, Bill’s has been the go-to destination for mouthwatering donuts, pastries that are pure perfection, and coffee that kickstarts your day. Originating right in the heart of downtown Dayton, Bill and Faye Elam whipped up their magic, spreading the joy of their delectable creations. 🌆
Fast forward to the 70’s ⏩ Bill’s was on a roll with multiple locations across Dayton, gracing the likes of Vandalia, Wilmington, Kettering, and Huber Heights. But like the most delicious recipe, they decided to focus all their sweetness in one spot, the iconic Centerville location that we’ve all come to know and love. 📍❤️
In 1995, the legacy passed from the founders to their children, Lisa and Jim. And guess what? They’ve been pouring love, warmth, and that special touch into every donut since! ✨
When Lisa was asked about the secret to their sweet success, she spilled the rainbow sprinkles, saying, “We know many of our customers by name, we’re very family oriented.” 🤝👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
But hold on, there’s more! In recent years, Lisa and Jim have added their own modern twists to the classic menu. Danishes that dance on your taste buds, buckeyes that’ll make you swoon, cupcakes that are pure bliss, cookies that melt hearts, and cappuccino that’s basically a hug in a mug. ☕🍪
Bill’s isn’t just a business; it’s a timeless part of Centerville’s history. 📜 Let’s all raise an apple fritter donut to the memories made, and the ones yet to come. Here’s to many more years of Bill’s serving up joy on a plate! 🥂


Who are you?

I am Lisa Tucker, co-owner of Bill’s Donut Shop!

What do you do?

Run the shop, help make donuts, truly a little bit of everything!


What makes your business special? 

The people that come into Bill’s and being able to give back to the community. We strive to go above and beyond the donuts for Centerville, and the people definitely make it worth it!


What do you love about Dayton?

Oh goodness, just the variety of things! There’s something for everybody around Dayton. We’ve got great parks, youth sports, and so many unique family owned businesses.

Contest Prize being offered:

The full Bill’s gift box including a Bill’s gift card, t-shirt, fresh coffee and a few other goodies.