DMC Boxing Academy

Who are you?

We are a different and unique boxing gym. We are trying to change the perception of boxing as a sport only for tough or mean people, to what really is: boxing is probably one of the most complete training in all sports. You train your body, your emotional side and your mind. Another challenge is that boxing is rarely available in suburbs or nice neighborhoods, that was always a limitation and the many people didn’t had the opportunity to even try it.
But, we DO teach our students the art of boxing which is learning how to hit and without getting hit.
Whether you want to compete or try boxing as a stress reliever, a complimentary for any other sport or just as a fitness program, we have it here and your goal becomes our goal.


What do you do?

We teach boxing in a nice, clean environment where team work and camaraderie are part of our philosophy.
We also have a very competitive team and we train to be the best and help out members reach their goals
Quick testament of that is the we have qualified to 4 National tournaments in the last 12 months.

I believe we are unique and special because we give our members to learn boxing, get in shape, relieve stress in a safe environment. We also have an incredible amount of experience and we make our members goals our priority.
Also we have one of the most diverse groups with ages from 5 to 76 and about 67 nationalities represented.


What do you love about Dayton?

We love Dayton, it’s a small city that is been growing and haves many of the large city benefits without the traffic and costs. Also it’s a city that with time allowed our family to grow and set roots as well as make a positive impact in the community.


Prize Offered: Two (2) memberships for 4 weeks (3 x week) to enjoy the benefits of our training in our group classes.