Who are you? HBYOB- “Home Brew Your Own Beer”

What do you do? HBYOB is a local home brewing supply store. We sell ingredient and equipment to make beer, mead, and wine. We also sell kegging supplies and fill Co2 tanks.

What makes your business special? The business is founded on a love for beer and wine making. Joeys passion for the hobby has lead him to many hours of research and experimentation helping him gain a vast knowledge of the beer making process. Joeys 10 years of brewing experience and knowledge is definitely what makes this business great!

What do you love about Dayton? Joey was born and raised in the Dayton area. We chose to open our store here because of the diversity Dayton has to offer. The area is full of things to do, places to see and interesting people to meet. The camaraderie of craft beer industry in the Dayton area is astonishing.   Everyone in the industry is always eager to help their fellow Daytonian’s. Whether it’s assisting at a tasting, doing a fund raiser for a charity, or just conversing about life, they are always willing to lend a hand or an ear.