iDesign LLC

🏠✨ Ready to elevate your space? Meet Lisa, owner & designer for IDesign, LLC , our November Local Business Spotlight! 🌟 Lisa’s design finesse turns spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. With an eye for detail that’s pure magic, she crafts functional, beautiful spaces perfect for making memories with loved ones. From floor plans to furniture selections, she does it all!
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Get ready to unleash your space’s full potential with Lisa’s design wizardry! Don’t miss this chance to bring your dream space to life 💫 and be sure to read more about iDesign below! 


Who are you?
A professional and certified (NCIDQ) interior designer with over 20 years experience. I have a
passion for making a space functional, beautiful, and a place to enjoy and connect with family
and friends, a place you want to linger and rejuvenate from the world.

What do you do?
I’m a full-service interior designer, which encompasses drawing floor plans, creating cabinet
plans, selecting materials and finishes, including everything to complete the space down to the
furniture, artwork, and accessories. I specialize in kitchen and bath design and remodeling plans,
but also provide design solutions for the entire house.

What makes your business special?
I not only give my clients a design plan, but I also give them a vision of how the space lives.
It’s not just about placing cabinets but it’s about cooking and flow; It’s about entertaining friends
and family movie night; It’s about how one room connects to another. I want the clients to see
themselves enjoying the design, thus enhancing their experience.
I love to re-imagine my client’s spaces, combining elements that work beautifully together. This
includes those details that create drama, playfulness, and an excitement in aesthetics.  Spaces for
you, your family, and friends to share moments of life.  Fresh designs are rooted in tradition but
always with a twist and with each client’s goals in mind.

What do you love about Dayton?
I’ve lived in the Dayton area for 37 years and love the community, history, and culture. It’s a
great place for families to grow, and the people are friendly and engaging. It has a small town
feel with larger city benefits. There are wonderful “pockets” of local shops, restaurants, and art
culture that are exciting and fun. It is where I feel at home.

Contest Prize being offered:
Up to one-hour free consultation to reimagine your space.