Luna Gifts & Botanicals

CALLING ALL PLANT LOVERS 🌿 It’s time for our JUNE #LocalBusinessSpotlight and we are SO EXCITED to feature LUNA 😍💚 
If you’ve been to the Oregon District in the last 6️⃣ years, you’ve most likely been into this enchanting plant filled, women-owned store! Chances are, even if you haven’t been downtown, you’ve still heard of Luna. Maybe you’re still working on your green thumb 👍🏼, be sure to ask for tips & tricks for good plant health. They’re always happy to help! Luna offers a wide variety of gifts from plants 🌵, stones 🔮, and incense 🪔 to local made pottery☕️, jewelry 🪬💠 and other items 🧿! With each visit you’ll always find something new on the shelves.

Who are you?

We are a small, all-women-owned boutique, located in Dayton, OH, specializing in houseplants and naturally-inspired gifts. 

What do you do?

We take pride in offering top-quality houseplants sourced from local greenhouses to the Dayton area. Our plants are hand-selected and delivered fresh every week, and we really take the time to properly care for our plants until they find their way home. We, ourselves, have a lot of love for houseplants and are experienced in caring for a variety of them, as most of us have our own collections. When people shop at Luna, they can expect to be set up for success finding beautiful plants that best fit their space and lifestyle as we are always happy to pass along what we’ve learned taking care of our own plants.

What do you love about Dayton?
When we started Luna over six years ago, we sought to fulfill a little niche downtown, a place filled with beautiful, naturally-inspired items that we would want to find while out exploring, and enjoying the neighborhood that we call home. Our shop is a mix of new, found, and made. We regularly offer products from local makers and feature local artists. We offer a wide variety of gifts, from plants, to stones, to incense, to jewelry–there’s always something new on the shelves! At Luna, our goal is to provide everyone who comes through our door a truly unique experience; whether it’s for a plant, a gift, or just to chat, we hope they leave happy just for stopping by!

We’re so lucky to be located in Dayton! You can always count on a friendly face stopping by the shop to pick out some plants or to simply just say hello. The local plant community regularly comes together to lift each other up, and we wouldn’t be where we are without this incredible community that we call home!

Contest Prize: Monstera Deliciosa in Clay Pot, Peace Sign Plant Stake, Monstera Wall Hanging (photo included)