Old Scratch Pizza

Who are you?
Old Scratch Pizza is a business. More specifically, a restaurant business. There are certainly
easier ways to make a living, but we like this one, and we like to surround ourselves with others
who feel the same. In 2016, we opened Old Scratch because it was the kind of restaurant we
wanted to bring our own family. A restaurant that was very casual, but with super-premium
ingredients and exceptional service. Old Scratch currently has three locations – Downtown Dayton, Centerville, and the newly opened Beavercreek restaurant. Old Scratch is in the process of opening a fourth location in
Troy, OH, slated to open in the summer of 2023.
What do you do?
Old Scratch Pizza serves world class Neapolitan-style pizzas (with a midwestern twist), creative
wood-fired vegetables, fresh salads and appetizers, and a large selection of regional craft
beers. With a focus on quality, hospitality, and innovation Old Scratch strives to be a leader in
the local and regional restaurant community.
What makes your business special?
Old Scratch’s charitable fund, Cones for a Cause, has donated over $172,000 to local
non-profits since it began in 2016. Cones for a Cause is a community-powered charitable
organization that provides support and enacts positive change in the Greater Dayton and
surrounding areas through awarding micro-grants. The fund is supported by Old Scratch guests. Encouraged to make donations, by way of sweet treats, our customers contributed over $36,000 to the Cones for a Cause fund in 2022 alone! Local non-profits can submit grant applications on a rolling basis at oldscratchpizza.com/giving
What do you love about Dayton?
Dayton is a resourceful city. People create businesses, art, and social programs in untapped
areas of the city from very modest starting points. And, of course, without Dayton and its
residents, there would be no Old Scratch. We continued to be amazed and thankful for the
support and encouragement from our community.