The Cookieologist


Who are you?
My name is Isiah Davis and I am the Owner and Chef of The Cookieolologist.

What do you do?

At The Cookieologist we specialize in fresh baked to order gourmet cookies, milk alternatives, and Focaccia bread pizzas.

What makes your business special?

I believe it is our approach to not only our baking processes but also towards our wonderful customers. We are a small local business that values high quality ingredients that are used in its most simplistic form. We stay away from dyes, colorings, and additives. The ending product is truly the star. Our product is how we communicate our love and passion to our customers. We believe in visual but more so flavor and satisfaction. It’s all about the Cookie, Milk and Pizza.

What do you love about Dayton?

Dayton is home. No matter where I’ve lived or visited, this has always been a space for me to recenter myself. I love how big and small we are at the same time. There is plenty of room here to grow, Also a quality of individuals to learn from. The fact that The Cookieologist gets to be a part of all the growth and development mean a lot to me. I just want to do my part and be great.