This Guy’s Coffee

Who are you? This Guy’s Coffee- a locally owned and operated coffee shop in Springboro, OH. We have partnered with other local businesses to source our products and ensure we are contributing to our community.

What do you do? We provide coffee that is sustainably sourced, locally roasted and manually prepared by our knowledgeable staff. Over the past year we have also begun to bake our own from scratch baked goods in house, to ensure we provide our customers with something delicious and fresh to eat with their coffee or tea.

What makes your business special? Our staff. We truly feel that our staff is what makes the TGC experience memorable. It is our hope that anyone who visits our store would leave with a great cup of coffee and bakery item in hand, but even more importantly feeling that they are welcome and valued at TGC.

What do you love about Dayton? The community. During a very uncertain time for a lot of small businesses, the greater Dayton community made an emphasis to continue supporting those businesses.