Young’s Jersey Dairy

Can you smell it? Fall is in the air 🍂 and the moment you walk through these doors, you’re greeted with the oh so sweet aroma of homemade waffle cones. 🤤🧇 FINALLY, it’s everyones favorite time of the month… #LocalBusinessSpotlight time! 👏🏻 And… PUMPKIN SEASON. 🎃 Who doesn’t LOVE all things FALL? 👉🏼 
 The leaves are turning 🍁, weather is cooling down 🌥 and everybody is breaking out their flannels and sweaters! If you didn’t already guess who… we couldn’t think of a better #localbusiness to team up with than Young’s Jersey Dairy! 🐄  Young’s is family favorite during any season, but especially when fall rolls around! 🚜
Young’s history began in 1869 when relatives of the Young Family built the red barn, although they were selling fresh milk 🥛 and scooping delicious ice cream 🍦 to the public prior to. 😋 Since then, they’ve added all the well known, fam fav activities such as the batting cages, driving range, and miniature golf… AKA Udders & Putters. 😉 And of course, adding the pumpkin patch, corn maze, tractor rides & many other activities for the holiday season.
While the cow’s 🐄 might be a close second, Young’s favorite thing about Dayton is simple… “The people. We meet amazing people of all walks of life that travel here from the Dayton area. Whether you grew up on or near a farm or have never been to a farm. before, there’s something fun for everyone here at Young’s Dairy. And we love to hear their stories while serving them some ice cream.” 💙 We think it’s safe to say, the people of Dayton LOVE Young’s Jersey Dairy right back! 🙌🏼